Campaign Management

Create and manage successful marketing campaigns across a variety of channels.

With just a single application, you can integrate direct mails, e-mails, mobile, print and other media to deliver relevant and personalised messages to your target audience. That is the beauty of MindFireInc’s LookWho’sClicking® and its features, which helps you easily create and manage successful marketing campaigns across a variety of channels, even at the same time.

Suitable for all skill levels – whether you have no or plenty of HTML knowledge and experience. Start your marketing campaign immediately with built-in templates and guidelines, or if you prefer tailoring the software to meet your marketing needs.

LookWho’sClicking® key features and benefits:

Campaign Wizard

A step-by-step guild to help users to:

  • Create a new campaign from scratch
  • Replicate an existing campaign
  • Work from ready campaign templates and domain names
  • Define the campaign workflow and pages


Workflow templates that you can use immediately,
Blueprints lets you structure and visualise your
campaign from start to end. Thousands of
campaigns are built using the four key Blueprints;
however, you can customise the templates to meet
your campaign workflow and pages. Also, you can
incorporate these features to further enhance
your campaign.

  • Send personal e-invites to prospects and customers for trade shows, conferences and other events
  • E-mail or SMS blasts for follow-ups as well as to increase traffic
  • Deploy target e-mail campaigns that direct respondents to a personalised landing page for sales leads
  • Configure and send automated thank-you e-mails that can be versioned based on a visitor’s response
  • Send time-scheduled or event-based SMS and e-mail notifications to your sales team
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