E-mail Marketing

A proven way to improve sales productivity.

When it comes to both B2B and B2C marketing campaigns, one thing is proven to increase sales, strengthen customer relationships and improve sales productivity – e-mail marketing. To take advantage of its effectiveness for your business, LookWho’sClicking® lets you quickly create these personalised e-mails to stay in touch with your target audience.

You can also do the following:

  • Integrate e-mails with direct mails to increase the campaign’s response rates
  • Use our Intelligent Mail barcode to send an automated e-mail to immediately follow up with the direct mail piece
  • Personalise e-mails to make it more relevant and specific for your customers
  • Schedule automated thank-you e-mails
  • Immediately notify your sales team for follow-ups
  • Send automated versioned e-mails to different groups of customers, based on their responses to your survey
  • Create a series of e-mails to nurture leads, engage and interest customers, as well as foster a lasting relationship
  • Build a monthly e-newsletter that will allow your customers to share with just one click

LookWho’sClicking® works in conjunction with direct mails to do these:

Schedule E-mails For Effective Campaigns

Let your e-mail marketing campaign run on auto-pilot!
Schedule your e-mails in advance to be sent later.
This will not only increase the productivity of your
marketing team but lets you plan a series of campaign
effectively. Simply create, import your lists, schedule and
save – it is that easy.

Examples of how this feature can benefit you:

  • Schedule e-mails to be sent to attendees at certain times during a trade show marketing campaign while your team mans the booth
  • Set different time zones for e-mails to be received at the same time if you or your clients have international customers
  • Manage all outbound messages easily for multiple campaigns by scheduling e-mails in advance. No more complications.
  • Test different dates and times to optimise your e-mail campaigns
  • And more...

Analyse Your E-mail Campaigns

Get detailed analysis on your e-mail marketing
campaigns. LookWho’sClicking® lets you run
reports to find out:

  • Who read your mail (and who didn’t)
  • Who unsubscribed from your e-mail list
  • Who forwarded your e-mails
  • How many unresponsive e-mail addresses you have in your e-mail list
  • How many mailboxes were full when you sent your e-mail
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