FastLaunch® Program

Your guide and support centre for MindFireInc’s LookWho’sClicking®

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MindFireInc’s ‘Go-toMarket’ program for LookWho’sClicking®, which comprised of live, online training modules and sales tools. This serves as a guide and support Centre for MindFireInc’s Solution Partners to quickly learn the software to create and deploy cross-media
marketing campaigns.

What it Involves:

  • Certified Campaign Management
    Get started with MindFireInc’s LookWho’sClicking® with two live, online training modules complete with exams and an official Certificate of Completion as a Campaign Manager
  • Online Resource Center
    With more than 142 tools for business development, campaign design and launch, the FastLaunch® Online Resource Center stocks up case studies, best practices, articles and white papers to help printers and marketing service provides increase effectiveness and capture sales opportunities
  • Coach’s Corner
    An insightful monthly webinar for MindFireInc’s Solution Partners to gain expert advice and share peer experiences
  • Executive and Sales Launch
    Two separate education programs designed to inform executives, business managers and sales representatives. The Executive Launch is tailored specifically for the executive team to help them unlock new customer sales and ongoing revenue growth while the Sales Launch teaches representatives how to value-sell LookWho’sClicking®
  • Co-Pilot Campaign Review
    Standby technical support to preview the first three campaigns created to ensure that you have everything set up effectively. This gives you best practices while saving time yet allowing hands-on experience