Powerful Features, Yet Easy to Use

Just a single system to get all the results you want. Nothing to install, no server to buy. Success is just one click away with the use of any standard web browser

Campaign Management

LookWho’sClicking® helps you create and track
successful marketing campaigns using built-in
tools like Campaign Wizard and Blueprints for
easy-to-navigate guidance.
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Personalised Landing Pages and URLs

With LookWho’sClicking® you can now
increase your response rate by 300% by
integrating personalised URLs with direct-mail
marketing campaigns. That’s not all – you can
also link these personalised URLs to a data-
driven customised landing page tailored to
your respondents’ profiles.
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Reports and Analytics

Get a real-time view of how your campaign is doing
with LookWho’sClicking®’s Marketing Dashboard.
Impress your clients by showing them what works,
and what doesn’t. Gather up-to-date valuable
customer data to implement immediate sales leads.
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QR Codes and Mobile Marketing

More people are using their mobile phones to
connect to the Internet. Stay in touch with your
customers on the go with QR codes and SMS text
messaging so that you are always top of mind.
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Email Marketing

Customers love it when marketers are personal.
Add this value to your marketing campaigns by
keeping in touch with your customers with
scheduled e-newsletters and thank-you auto-
responses. Or help notify your sales team
with lead alerts. Learn more

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