MindFireInc’s Cross-Media Marketing Solutions

Delivers impactful cross-media marketing strategies to grow your business with the advantage of technology.

More than 600 companies and 6,200 users globally depend on MindFireInc to manage their cross-media marketing campaigns. As the worldwide leader of marketing intelligence software and services, MindFireInc helps you create and deploy targeted as well as trackable cross-media marketing campaigns.

MindFireInc’s flagship product, LookWho’sClicking®, automates the creation and management of highly effective direct marketing campaigns, utilising Landing Pages, Personalised URLs, QR codes, SMS text messaging, e-mails, microsites, response tracking and more.

With offices in California and Asia-Pacific, MindFireInc is a privately held company. We are proud to partner with Priority Smarts Solution as one of our Licensed Solution Partners in Asia Pacific and Japan.

What is Cross Media Marketing?

Cross-media marketing, also known as multi-channel marketing or integrated marketing, links traditional offline media such as direct mail and print ads with the interactive potentials of Web, mobile and social networks. With the increase in online media consumption and the rapid growth of mobile applications, running a successful marketing campaign means including new media as well. A must for business expansion, cross-media marketing combines data, messages, media and technology to achieve a single goal: to track and improve the return of investment (ROI) of marketing campaigns.

Key features and benefits:

Comprehensive web-based business development tools

Ensures your sales and technical team efforts
are well aligned towards a common goal: to
capture new sales opportunities and build

Expand Your Business

Drive results for your clients by improving return of
investment using innovative marketing tools like QR codes,
E-mail and SMS blasts, and much more. Integrate your
marketing strategies into different campaigns for better
sales leads.

Get Results Immediately

Why wait when you can now track, analyse and
improve your marketing strategies on the spot
for better implementations? Embrace the latest
technology in a whole new way for real-time
responses and results.

Prompt Customer Response

Allow automated campaigns to instantaneously follow up with

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