Personalised Landing Page

Increase your response rates and understand your customers better.

Landing pages are special web pages that allow your prospects and customers to respond to their direct mail pieces. Campaigns with landing pages offers prospects and customers with a convenient online alternative than the traditional response methods like call centres or business reply cards, especially with the technology used today

All your prospects and customers need to do is enter a URL provided on the direct mail piece. This URL can be personalised for each respondent. This simple yet effective method will increase your response rates and help you better understand your prospects and customers.

Key features and benefits

  • Entice the prospect to register and find out more about the offer, product or service through your landing page.
  • Create a questionnaire page that allows you to capture specific information about your prospect. A lead can then be distributed according to your prospect’s response.
  • Capture and confirm profile information about your prospect with the registration page on your landing page.
  • Add a personal touch with a thank-you page where more information can be shared with your prospect.
  • Incorporate details about your brand, campaign creatives, offer-specific messages and much more to further engage your prospect.
  • Carefully track and monitor the response rate of the channel, the click-through rate of questionnaires and conversion rate of leads.
  • Adjust messaging, content and creative on your landing page to improve response.
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