Personalized URLs

Link direct mail and Internet response channels to your campaign.

With LookWho’sClicking®, you can create, manage and analyse marketing campaigns by using personalised URLs and landing pages. This way, you can:

  • Improve the response rates for direct mails.
  • Provide respondents with relevant content according to preferences.
  • Engage respondents in more meaningful dialogue.
  • Actively work on respondents’ preferences to generate revenue.

Key features and benefits:

Attract Potential Customers with Personalised URLs

LookWho’sClicking® can generate and host
personalised URLs for each respondent, as well as
automate the process of using these unique addresses
into mail fails for each direct mail piece. This helps
create that personal touch that respondents are more
likely to be attracted to. Also, because studies have
shown that more than 42% direct mail recipients
prefer to respond online, personalised URLs provide a
convenient response option.

Interact by Capturing Visits to Personalised Landing Pages

When respondents visits their personalised URL,
they are visiting a landing page that has been
personalised for their experience. LookWho’s-
Clicking® lets you build this personalised landing
page to specifically support the direct mail that
has been sent to the respondent, whether it is a
personal welcome message or a thank you

React to Your Respondents to Generate Leads, Follow-Ups and More

LookWho’sClicking® captures each respondents’
activity through these personalised URL and
landing pages. This is essential in follow-up
strategies as well as sales lead generation, all
taking place in real time. You can also get
campaign response rates, visitor patterns and
detailed lead information through real-time
comprehensive reports.

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